About the Import department

يThe Import department grants the Import licenses and identity cards to companies registered in (Company registration directorate) in Ministry of Trade as well as to the scientific bureaus registered with the Ministry of Health and the pharmacists syndicate.


Section of the Import Department

  • Food and agricultural stuffs import section
  • Miscellaneous materials import section
  •  Automobile import section
  •  Services section

Services of import department

Import licenses

Providing the issuance of import licenses

Rules of Granting Importer identity card

Providing the Issuer ID Service

Instructions and controls

Import license issue regulations approved by the General Secretariat of the council of Ministers No.SH/T/M/21268 on 24/6/2015:
Rules of Granting Importer identity card


A-Personal importation: Does not require an identity card of the importer.

B-Commercial imports: Available to all citizens and require obtaining the identity cards of the importer with a proof that his profession requires the import, in addition to the identity documents and two personal photographs and according to the laws in Iraq for those who are allowed to do commercial business.


A-Import licenses are available to all local companies  (National, contributed and licensed investment projects according to the investment law). And commercial agencies registered in (company registration directorate)  and branches of foreign companies and that require the issuance of the identity card of the importer, provided that they present what prove that they are registered in (company registration directorate)  with the identity documents of the authorized director of the company with a passport copy for foreign companies and according to the valid laws in Iraq.

B-The validity of the identity cards shall be two years from the date of issue.

Regulations of Obtaining the Importer Identity

1.The issuing of Importer Identity for national companies requires presenting the identity documents of the company that include the meeting minutes of company board in which the director is nominated and give all the authorities to direct the company. That should be authenticated by Companies Registration Directorate for the same year.

2. Establishment contract of the company in which the stocks are distributing according to each contributor share, usually the contributors are three or more, in case the establisher is only one then one decision taken by him as all stocks are belonging to, the contract should be authenticated by Companies Registration Directorate for the same year.

3. Establishment certificate of the company issued by Ministry of Trade/ Company Registration Directorate including the name and activity  of the company with the contributor name and had a private number for each certificate the company grant, that is the company is registered officially by  Companies  Registration Directorate.

4. Demanding for copy of the identity documents of the director with two new photos, this procedure is required even in renewing the importer Identity every year and in issuing identity for the first time.

5. For the branches of working Arab and foreign companies, that requires presenting:

A. Establishment License for the company branch in Iraq issued by  Companies  Registration Directorate.

B. Official letter from Companies Registration Directorate that the company office turned officially to a branch.

C. An authorization from the mother company to the director to direct its branch in Iraq, both if he is Iraqi, Arab or foreign.

D. The company should have a contract with the Iraqi state, Ministry, company, commission or governorates belonging to, the contract should be valid and includes its duration.

E. Presenting a copy of the directors passport, residence document with two new photos if he is Arab or foreign, the Iraqi should present copy of his identity documents with two new photos.

Rules of granting import licenses:

ِA-The validity of the import license is one year.

B-The importer has the right to specify two entries (entry and its alternative) and he is allows to change the entry by submitting a request to the State Company for Iraqi Fairs and commercial services.

C-The validity, quantity, origin and entry of import licenses for seasonal agricultural and food products is determined by the concerned sector authority.

D-The goods imported to Iraq must conform with the Iraqi standard specifications approved by the central organization  for standardization and quality control, and be Subject to inspection by other specialized authorities such us Ministry of Heath and Ministry of Agriculture or any other private party. The imported goods shall be accompanied with all the  certificates documents of international inspection certificates and certificates determined by the pectoral authorities.

Import regulations for cars and Motorcycles
  • A-The procedures are done in accordance with the valid resolutions.

    B-The import license is granted at the rate of one car twice a year for individuals, which are for  personal use without demanding for the identity card of the importer.

    C-Fifty motorcycles are granted for each import license .

    D-The State Company for Iraqi Fairs and Commercial Services is authorized to determine the quantities of the materials( except what is determined by the sectoral authority) for each import license. The concerned sectoral ministries should provide the company with accurate studies according to the need and absorption of the local market for the materials within their field.

    E-The mixed sector is treated the same as the Government sector in the granting of import license if the contribution of the State is 25% onward otherwise it will be treated as a private sector.

    F- Parties, assistance and donations are subject to import license with an exemption from service fees.

Regulations of issuing import license for food and agricultural stuffs:

1- Import licenses for food and Agricultural stuffs are issued according to a prior approval from Ministry of Agriculture for raw materials according to the cabinet decisions number 1741 in 27/6/2006 ,13215 in 14/5/2009 and 2281,in 14/2/2007.

2-In adaptation , import licenses for produced food stuffs are issued according to the cabinet decision No.33751,in 31/12/2008 after presenting official letter by the importer issued from Ministry of Health to support the availability of a store complying with the sanitary conditions of foodstuffs storage.

3-Obtaining the approval of Ministry of Agriculture / state Authority for the plants protection of plantations before the issue of import licenses for some of the spices.

4-being obliged with all the regulations we receive from the sectoral authorities that in charge of preventing or permitting the import of foodstuffs, as well as for the decisions of the food Safety Advisory commission and epidemiological position of bird flue disease.

5-For import license obtaining for the above materials, the company is stipulate to be registered and has a renewed import identity for the current year and fill a private form for that.

Regulations of issuing import licenses for cars

1-Personal import

2-Import by the attached list.

3-Private import for people with special need.

4-Car import for the high degree educated citizens returning to Iraq.

5-Private import for armored vehicles.

6-Importing cars for attaches (Commercial, military ,cultural attaches ).


7- Importing trucks ( agricultural – constructive – ambulances – lories -buses)

  • Private Import:

Including importing two private cars every year.

Documents required: ( Iraqi identity – Iraqi identity certificate –  accommodation card – share card).

Car information: (VIN – color – model – kind of car – origin of car – border entity of car)

Within the permitted models, according to cabinet decision No. 215 in 2009.

  • Attached list cars:

Requiring obtaining import identity card issued by our company to import more than one car.

  • Handicapped cars:

To import a car only one time by the handicapped people after presenting  a medical report including the rate of handicap which should be 50% onward, according to cabinet decision No. 10 in 2012, it will be exempted from ( custom fees – taxes – plate number fees).

  • High degree educated citizens returning to Iraq:

To import a car by the same documents of private import, according to cabinet decision No. 441 in 2008, it will be exempted from              (custom fees – taxes – plate number fees).

  • Armored Cars:

By presenting official letter issued by the National Commission of Customs including car information, and an official approval of the pry minister or minister of interior, with the identity documents and car information, according to cabinet decision No. 7 in 2007.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and attachés Employees’ cars:

By presenting the private letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs according to cabinet decision No. 216 in 2011. that includes the employees of the commercial, cultural and military attaches, employees of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they have the right to import cars for the last five years models.

  • Trucks:

Requiring obtaining import license within the permitted models according to cabinet decision No. 215 in 2009 and its amendment 432 in 2012, the import is for the last 5 years models of cars.

Regulations of Issuing import License for Various Materials

Chemical materials, appliances and equipment with double uses, (S 32) list Ministry of sciences and technology/ National controlling commission.

Chemical materials and other materials with double uses, (S16)  (S32) list.

The issuing of import license for the materials in these two lists obtaining the approval of the following authorities:

  • 1- Ministry of Interior – Civil Defense Directorate – Environment Protection police Directorate.
  • 2- Ministry of Interior – Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency – Information Technology Directorate  Licenses Department (crime and security entry) ever year.

3-Iraqi National Intelligence (for foreign companies and local whose director is non-Iraqi).

4- Ministry of Health and Environment in case the chemical materials are from the chemical predecessors (the red list) that used in producing drugs.

Communication Appliances and observing cameras

  • Communications and Media Commission.
  • Ministry of Interior – Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency – Information Technology Directorate – License Department.
  • Ministry of Health and Environment.
  • Materials that affect the Ozone Layer (gases and air conditioner appliances).
  • Extinguish equipment and the materials used in (foam and powder).
  • Chemical materials.
  • Iraqi Radioactive Source Regulatory Authority.

 Radiating and nuclear materials and the radiating source.

Ministry of Agriculture: veterinary mendicants and vaccine – fertilizers – insecticides.

Ministry of oil:  engines oil, fuel and greases.

Ministry of Health and Environment: human medicines – medical appliances – chemical materials used for producing medicines and drugs – medical equipment –  medical requirements.

Ministry of Defense

  • Children’s culture house: children’s toys not instigating for violence and sectarianism.
  • Cultural public relation directorate. Books, magazines and daily prints.

Ministry of Industry and minerals:

  • The ministry estimates the annual need for raw materials used in the production the factories that registered in (General Directorate for Industrial Development).
  • Granting the approvals to import the materials produced by Ministry of Industry factories and used in the Iraqi industry (different kinds of cement, Limestone – clinker).