Abrief about Export Department and its services

Export is one of an important criteria to measure the degree of economic development in every country and it reflexes the occurred development in the field of a local production .The export policy needs an effort besides huge development plans to promote the Iraqis exports in order to get Iraq out of a single economy that depends on oil only and to develop plans to promote Iraqi exports through getting investments to the country and return of the capital and owners of factories to the country and to reopen these factories to production

Export Dep. makes efforts to facilitate export procedures and encouraging exporters to export surplus Iraqi goods and attempting to lift the embargo on the export of some materials through approaching the concerned authorities as this banning happened after the events of 2003 because of economic deterioration that happened during this period and what followed it like looting and destruction of all life facilities

Export Dep. grants ID and import license to Iraqi Companies which intend to export Iraqi goods and products abroad , in addition to that ,export Dep. coordinates with all sectors ( public and private ) through a joint committee to overcome all obstacles that facing export process and searching through participation in the International Fairs for promotion and searching for markets to the Iraqi goods and products

Sections of Export Department

  1. Section of Export services
  2. Section of exporting agricultural and foodstuff materials
  3. Section of diversified materials/span

Services of export department

Export licenses

Providing export license service

Issuing export identities

Providing Issuer ID Service

Instructions and controls

Conditions of granting Export ID

Conditions of granting Export ID

Export ID shall be granted to Iraqi Companies exclusively ,these Companies must provide us with the documents mentioned below:-

1-Registration papers of the Company authenticated from  Ministry of trade/ Companies registration directorate and it consist of (contract of companies foundation ,foundation certificate in addition to the minute of assigning the authorized manager ).

2-The authorized manager is obliged to submit (National card ,or ID card , Iraqi nationality certificate, residence card and 2 photographs)

3-In case the authorized manager is not an Iraqi person ,he is obliged to submit his passport  and residence.

Instructions of granting export license

Instructions of granting export license

1-Export license shall be given to Iraqi Companies  exclusively  according to the resolution of the Iraqi cabinet ,those Companies shall be registered  in the directorate of Companies registration  and have a valid export ID, according to this ID he shall be registered as an exporter at  the State Company for Iraqi Fairs & Commercial services  .

2-Goods to be exported must be Iraqi exclusively and within the list of permitted items for export , if those goods produced  by public sector and from it sales for the purpose of export   ,the exporter must provide us with a copy of the concluded contract with a governmental party or providing us with a copy of a selling letter especially oil and Industry ministries as well as giving the permission to the manufacturers to export their products .

3-The period of the license validity shall be for one year from the date of issuing, except the seasonal products, as  specific paragraphs were specified  per each article by the  sect oral  authorities.

4- It is allowed to extend the license for one month from the date of the validity of the license for the purpose of shipping only.

5-It is allowed to change the commercial lists of the license in case of  submitting a request by an exporter to change export destination , consignee,  border port as well as type of packing after confirming the opening of a declaration for the license that the exporter intended to change its commercial lists  for the reasons mentioned above besides confirming  the clearance  quantities of the license through approaching General authority of customs  / export  complex custom and informing them about  license cancellation order or its remaining part .

6-Re-export the machines and devices for the purpose of repairing, replacement and re-export to the country provided that a letter of guarantee shall be submitted  with a full value of the commodity to be re-exported until return it back to the country in addition to that presenting a letter from a concerned  sect oral parties  mentioned in it that it is not possible to repair it inside the country .